Dirty Dick's Motos

It’s all about Obnoxious Velocity, it is what we do, everything we build must maintain a visceral connection between the rider and the motorcycle. We want you to feel the motorcycle as much as ride it. Building a functional and beautiful machine, striking that balance while detracting nothing from the overall design is what we aspire to with every build. Blending the design with technical ability and quality makes a motorcycle as much fun to ride as it is to just look at it and admire the details.

We are a small team of obsessive petrolheads who were raised in the era of 2-strokes and ridiculous muscle bikes and this is reflected in our ethos; More, Better, Faster. You won’t find much EFI or ABS or Ride-by-Wire here, but you will find carburettors, cabled throttles, the smell of oil, petrol and fanatical dedication to crafting motorcycle excellence.

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